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Begin Summer with the SunBuster

The sun is shining and summer has arrived with all her magic.

Part of her “magic” is the ability to help us synthesize vitamin D, bathe our skin in warmth and make everything around us brighter. All those beautiful bright and shiny things she emits ALSO come with a flip side. These same powerful sun rays that make us feel, oh so good, are also responsible for 80-90% of our skin aging, as well as those brown spots called hyperpigmentation that pop up on our skin almost overnight. That is quite a staggering percentage but the good news is that we can do something to lower that percentage.

This summer I wanted to create a facial that would help slow photoaging (sun damage) by strengthening the skin's natural defenses against free radical damage. This is why I created the SunBuster Facial Series. This series builds on each treatment increasing the skin’s antioxidant levels, reducing inflammation and boosting skin repair. Potent ingredients like the ones below will be infused into the skin with each treatment:


1-15 % Vitamin C- a potent antioxidant which helps fight off free radical damage

2-Licorice root- a natural skin brightener and also a great anti-inflammatory ingredient

3-kojic acid- inhibits production of excess pigment, helping slow the formation of those dark spots on our face

4-Peptides- Peptides work to rebuild and repair damaged skin cells

5-Hyaluronic acid- binds moisture to skin helping skin cells stay hydrated and plumped out.


A must have, included in theSunBuster facial, is the LED light therapy. Red light therapy works at the cellular level to accelerate skin repair also triggering the production of collagen and elastin. Now who doesn't want that!

My favorite multitasking ultrasound device will also be used to further drive the facial serums into the skin maximizing absorption of the key ingredients above.

OK soooo Who’s ready for the summertime SunBuster series?? Stay proactive in protecting your skin and pick the series that best suits you.

A- “Ultimate” SunBuster series of 6 facials - $595 (2 facials a month, best bang for your buck)


B- SunBuster facial series of 4- $460 (1x month)

Included with each series bought is a retail size of Raw Love sunscreen, excellent to give those already sunspots extra spf coverage.

Click on the link below to book your series and or facial.

I Look forward to seeing you throughout the summer months.

big hug

maija L.E. :)

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